Rone Walker

Born: 1964, Madrid.
Lives: NY and London

Favorite Design Trend : mid-century modern, love it, it is so timeless…

Favorite Color: Orange.
Favorite Cocktail: Vodka martini, up dry and dirty (keep it simple and uncomplicated)
Favorite Music: House remixes and exotic lounge versions of samba-inspired jazz
Recent Vacations: Moscow, Bora Bora, Bangkok

Born into a well-heeled clan with homes in exotic and embarrassingly eccentric locales around the world, Rone is perhaps our most worldly, or at least seriously cultured cVibe contributing editor.

An adventurist for sure, Rone has been spotted heli-skiing in the AM and sipping from his favorite Sudtirolean white wine while dining al fresco at the Villa d’Este on the shores of Lake Como.  But never too good for the local pub in SOHO while at home in London, rest assured there is no snob element in Rone’s world.

When asked to name the best cocktail venue, Rone replied: “I don’t believe in ‘bests’ or ‘favorites” – it’s all in the mood and vibe.  Great times can be had in the most unexpected and least anticipated moments, in the most obscure spots.  As long as the crowd speaks the universal language of HIGH ENERGY, it’s all good – so good!!