Pub Culture

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Greetings everyone!  It’s been a while since I’ve written – apologies all over … my book has taken the best of me but will be on the shelves soon, fingers crossed!

During a quick few days  in London last month, my fab publishers re-introduced me to  a side of Cocktail Culture that to be honest with you, I have ignored for years (shame on me, too much time spent in the (zzzz) lounges of Ibiza lately )… glorious Pub Culture which is such an amazingly core part of UK living!

If you’ve not taken some time to stroll the cobblestone side streets of SOHO, GO GO GO … love it.  It’s buzzing, it’s so alive and incredibly vibrant.  SO much fun.  Why?  Take a close look at what’s going on … the Brits love their beer, agreed.  But as a crowd in general, they are a lovely bunch of chatterboxes … a gabbing group that loves a get together (whether it’s a family roast on Sunday night or an escape to the pub after work )… they sit and catch up, they take time to hear what’s going on.

So social, so much chit-chat.  And the best place to watch it all in motion is any neighborhood pub.  Who’s in a rush?  To get where?  As long as a pint is in hand, everyone’s happy.  Find your fave local spot, pull up a stool and you’re in great shape.  Especially if you happen to be in SOHO – my best boutique finds are minutes away on Bond Street!  Have fun and keep the tab running…

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